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Coach Fiorilli,"This is a very special group of girls.  I have not called a single sign from 3rd in 150 games, they do what’s needed for the team to get on base, move runners and score runs.  They do it all themselves - they understand mistakes happen and they also understand how to mentally overcome those mistakes.  This is a fun group of girls to watch.  Watch one game and you will be sucked into watching 10 games cause they are that good and it flows onto the field”

To sum it up - these are smart, experienced, and athletic ball players on the field.  Off the field they average 3.98 GPA, they will be ready for the next level."  


This team was built on dedicated young women wanting to take their game to the next level, not only on the field but off the field. They are very intuitive players with the average game experience being 700+ games. They strive hard on the field and in the classroom to achieve their goals with an average GPA of 3.9. They have such a profound love of the game and it shows game after game!

2019 Fall Schedule:

September 7 - 8: ​Best of Midwest - Galion, OH

September 14 - 15: ​Lasers Fall Invitational - Pickerington, OH

September 28 - 29: Best of the Best - Canton, OH

October 19 - 20: Outlaws Premier Showcase - Berliner Columbus, OH

October 26 - 27: Lasers Silver Event - Berliner Columbus, OH


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